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Into the league


What is into the league?


The story of a team of League players that think they have what it takes to make it to the pros. "Into The League" follows these five players on their journey to the top of the ladder as they experience the rewards, while dealing with the consequences, of pursuing their dreams.



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CAST + Crew

Actors Brenton Henderson, Cora Fast, Rhys Harrison, Taren Padua, and Thomas McLeod make up the leads for the cast.


Written and Co-Directed by Jonathan Villaverde (Award-nominated director & writer of Kaelah)

Co-Directed and Edited by Megan Merasty

Produced by reTouch Media


ReyRay is a former pro and he will do anything it takes to get back to his former gloryShoot2K has an aggressive playstyle that she matches with her assertive personalityTyro, in character and in team play, embodies everything it means to be a supportnRun just loves to play the game and has the mechanics to go along with the passionn00bSlayer knows he's the best and is ready to prove it to the world no matter what


Original music composed by The Family Computers

Other music by The Family Computers

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